3 Comments on Comrades Double Record Holder – Shvetsov – Named As Drug Supplier

    • Good day
      You are of course quite correct but at the time of writing I do not think that the decision you speak of had been made public.
      Gert also went on to record a great marathon time given his longevity in the sport. indeed he is still one of the fastest marathoners in current time in South Africa.. Is this because he is so fast or because our youngsters are not stepping up to the plate and modern standards?

      • Sorry I see this was indeed long before writing.. If you delve into the archives on this site you will find a long article on Nandrolene and how confusing it is. That was written in 2000 when it was still a world wide problem. (sorry doing this on the fly (in JHB not at base) so don’t have full access to my records etc)

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