2 Comments on Puma 250 – A Trail Shoe Worth Your Consideration

    • Hi Andre
      The Puma Trail 250 has an outersole better suited to off-road and also the shoe is relatively low on cushioning for the distance of Comrades, but it would be a personal option.
      I would think aspects such as the weight and running style (do they turn a foot out a lot) of the runner would be important factors in this decision

      Keep in mind that until circa 1980 runners were using plimsoles to run Comrades and around 10,000 were able to complete the race from 1921 to 1980 in shoes similar or with less cushion and control – so yes its possible
      Also if you look at photos of Bruce in Comrades around 1981 / 1984 you will see he was running in New Balance 250 which were effectively racing shoes not much different from the puma 250 —
      Sorry this does not give you a definitive answer but hopefully gives food for your consideration.

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