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  1. Hi Norrie,

    I see this review was posted in July, do you have a sense of the longevity of the NB Zero?

    I have being eyes these beauties out for quite for a few months, it garnered my interest from the Born to Run book. My running partner has just bought a pair, and so far is very happy. He is new to road running, so isn’t used to his cushioned Nike running shoes.

    I get pretty high mileage from shoes, on 3 of my 5 pairs i rotate, I have over 1000km’s each- all NB. So would I be able to log some mileage in these?

    Gavin Oosthuizen

    • Hi Gavin
      thanks for the mail – yes I have run considerable distance in the Minimus both the version one and the newer Minmus zero – the older shoes are capable of being used in long events and even comrades depending on your weight. the zeros i would use in shorter events but don’t forget the overall principle of born to run is that the purpose of shoes is simply protection from thorns glass and to provide some minimal amount of cushioning so once a runner has fully adapted to the minimal shoe format there is not limit on the distance your can use these shoes for.
      However please do be aware of the emphasis i am putting on the transition to ‘nominal’ / minimal running. It varies for every person and can be a year or more but it is something that is worth pursuing.

      I hope this helps and wish you best

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