Moving into March there is a new increase in momemtum in both your Two Oceans and Comrades preparation. In genral it is a busy busy month. The coachnorrie web site has been updated to bring you:- * The Two Oceans Time Predictor and Pace Calculator * The next month of day-by-day training for Comrades * Updates on the seminars and clinics being held near you The 2006 Two Oceans Time predictor now handles not only the 56km Ultra but also the 21.1km distance. Simply put in three of your best performances over the last 9 months and you will see what your best possible 56 and 21.1km finish time can be. If you are in the 56km event then you can also select your target time and see the pacing that you require to reach that target. This takes into account the profile of the route, and your performance from past events. The Comrades training schedules cover three different standards – Novice / 10;30 to 09:30 finish / and Bill Rowan medal runners. The schedules give specific training for each day and can be downloaded from the site – look for the ‘Comrades Training in March’ title on the home page. Then there are a number of seminars to share and update runners on their Distance running / Comrades / Two Oceans training. In addition to information on how to train and training rules the seminars cover nutrition (daily healthy eating and sports nutrition), and mental preparation towards your running. The dates for March and early April include: 1 March Kings Park Sports Medicine centre Durban 18:00 7 March – Magnolia Runners in Pretoria (after time trial) 8 March – Boksburg Athletic Club (after time trial) 4 April – Intercare centre at Pretoria 5 April – second in series at Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre Durban 18:00 There are also shoe buying seminars in March and early April 9 March – Boksburg Athletic Club – 18:00 11 April – Southern Striders – Cape Town 19 April – Sports Zone – Durban North Then there is also the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne from 15 to 26 March with around 250 sports men and women representing South Africa. There will be updates on the web site. All in all a busy month – so visit for your updat Have a great month.

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