The first 3 weeks of May are the peak training weeks for Comrades and there will seem little else to do in a day other than sleep, eat, train and work. In total we can handle around 10-12 hours of training and then need to allow another three to four hours for changing and showering. If you try to squeeze any more training in you will simply risk overtraining or injury as there will not be enough time for recovery. – This is not the time for an injury!

So how much distance can you do in 10-12 hours, well that depends on your average running pace – if your average pace is 15km per hour then you will achieve 150 to 180km per week. But lets say your best marathon is 3hours 30 mins then your average race pace is 5 min per km. Your average training pace will be around 10-15% slower – so lets say 5:45 per km which equal 10.5km per hour -This means that your peak distance would be 105km to 125km per week. Remember much of the distance running should be at Comrades pace, but the quality work would increase the average pace.

Once the peak training is over the last week in May is the first week in the taper and this will see a 50% or more reduction in distance which will provde a platform for the recovery.
The one thing for sure is that the peak training in May will provide you the key to your Comrades medal – Its not long to go so hang in there.

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