April is the month when your distance and weekly training increases. Rather than just adding miles and getting slower, the more preffered way would be to add an additional training session perhaps three or four times a week. This increase should be no more than 10-12% per week and doing this will take you to a reasonable maximum by the end of the month, after which you will hold this higher level for 3-4 weeks before dropping to a taper.
Too many runners simply build up too fast and race too often – particularly over the holiday weekends – resist thsi temptation, and run all the races as training runs – at least as slow or slower than your predicted Comrades pace. the only exception to this is in races shorter than 10km. such events are worthy of a hard effort to keep up the training pressure.
The quality work reduces not so much in the number of the sessions, but more in the standard o the event and training session.
So here is the training schedules for Novice, 10:30 to 09:00 and for a sub 9:00 Comrades. – Have a great run if you are doing two Oceans

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