Norrie Williamson’s Comrades training charts are now available for 2010.

In an innovative move this year runners will also receive more specific details of the paces and heart rates relevant to their own particular ability.

As in the past three levels of programme will form the core training for:

These provide day by day training sessions in a build up to Comrades 2010 on 30 May.   

The Bill Rowan can be modified to provide a schedule for those attempting to dip under the 7:30 Silver medal barrier.

In addition runners who supply their best racing performances in the last 6-9 months will receive personalised:  

(Racing performances should be from at least three different distances between 5km and 100km in the previous 9 months.)

Furthermore where Maximum and Resting Heart Rate are provided the programme will include guidelines on appropriate Heart Rate Zones to use with the schedule.

These programmes are available for R100 each and cover each day’s training until the 85th Comrades on 30 May 2010.

The core programme allows for a qualifying marathon at the end of February and a 50-60km in early April. 

Contact for the order form and to supply information required for personalization:

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  1. Hi there, would you have a programme available for 2011. Obvioulsly not starting to run now but just so one can have an example as to the time involved to train for 2011?

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