There is virtually no training to be done in the final week before Comrades, but it IS a time to assess exactly what you are capable of and to work on the mental aspects of the race. The following two steps will ensure you have a realistic goal and that you mentally prepare to reach it on Sunday 30 May 2010[_id]=41076

Step One:
Find your realistic finishing time based on previous performances and your training over the past months. Click here to go to the “Finish time Predictor for the 2010 Comrades

Step Two
Get your head around the challenges and profile of the route. How are you going to tackle the 89.28km of the 85th Comrades marathon? This easy to listen to 4 minute Podcast will take you through the route refreshing your memory or preparing you for the day. Use this to see yourself running as if you are watching the TV footage of your run.
Then listen again this time seeing the route through your own eyes as you make the journey into Kingsmead from the Pietermaritzburg City hall.
This will help you prepare for the day – Remember:

Those who doubt – go without – Those who Believe – Receive

Click here to go to the Downrun Podcast

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From LineBreak, the Witness and Norrie Williamson have a great 2010 Comrades marathon on Sunday 30 May

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