It’s impossible to say more than a few paragraphs about the Somnio Nada, only because this is the minimalist’s minimal shoe: –

There is truly nothing to the shoe. It is debatably the lightest shoe on the market and resembles a high-tech 2010 version of the ‘plimsole’ that saw Arthur Newton, Wally Hayward and Jackie Meckler each win five Comrade marathons.

Nada The 21st Century Comrades plimsole

With under 10 mm of EVA in the midsole and zero difference from forefoot to heel, it is only rubber plugs under the medial metatarsal and lateral heel that offer any apparent technology in the outer-sole.

The feel is incredibly deceptive with more protection and cushion than seems possible from the nothingness of the midsole.

If the midsole is minimal then the upper is even less: A single layer of open mesh fabric with sublimated silver reinforcing bands and lacing yoke provide the only support in what appears to be no more than a South African ‘Stokkie’ that looks more suited to walking around a house than out on the road.

The deception is massive:

The Nada not only has the feel of a protective shoe, but also is wide enough and flexible enough to allow the foot to follow through a complete range of natural style.

Being so thin in construction the Nada offers a high degree of stability, and the last is cut wide enough to allow even a wide South African foot full protection and ground contact.

The Nada is the shoe of choice for any runner wishing experience the modern day version of the10000 runners who completed the Comrades between 1921 and 1980 in plimsoles.

On the track runners will be aware that they are using their calf, ankle and foot through the complete range of movement.  The shoe is ideal for those using treadmill and was more than capable of handling a 10km distance.

The straightforward no-nonsense design of the outer provides grip on road and treadmill, but does tend to slip in the wet, but otherwise cannot be faulted for neutral runners.

It is the restriction of technological support and the height of shoes that cause so many runners to display or experience negative foot movements, the extremely low profile of the Nada makes it suitable for many more runners than may at first seem obvious.

Sometimes less is more – the Nada is one such case….

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