The Maritzburg Marathon on Sunday the 25th February is one of the most popular events in South Africa as a Comrades and Two Oceans qualifier and offers both a 21km and 42km for the distance people and a 10km for those interested in the shorter distances

The 2018 routes have been changed to make for a better more scenic run, and a route that takes you past virtually ever start and finish for comrades since 1921..
This change makes the first section of the lap faster, but the longer climb up past the Comrades start at the City Hall and the gradual incline up Jabu Ndlovu street to Pine Street requires good pacing.

The 10km has the usual gradual climb up Jabu Ndlovu street and has one major climb up Jesmond Hill but the 2km downhill at the end will see you blitzing your way to the finish in close to personal best time …

The finish of all three events is faster than previous years and there is no out and back in the Charles College this year.

also runners will now finish on the car park area in front of the Golden Horse main grandstand.

Although it is two laps there are no additional loops on the second lap as care has been taken to make the first lap exactly 21.0975km

the pacing to achieve your best is here on the Coachnorrie web site ..

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