There are few – if any – more accolades that can be written or spoken about Usain Bolt the sprinter after the closing of the 2017 World Athletic Championships in London.

The holder of 11 World Championship Gold medals, (7 individual 4 relay) and 8 Olympic Gold, plus 6 world records, now sees the Jamaican pull off the track and look at writing a new legacy over the coming years.

What that is to be is yet to be decided, but after his final and slow walk around the track on Sunday night to say goodbye to the London crowd, he took 20 minutes out to fall – yet again – under the scrutiny of the Media.

As Bolt admitted, many of the media had followed him through the major years of 2008 to 2017, some had written negatively, many in support, but it was a journey the journalists and broadcasters had taken alongside him. Clearly he valued the company and the contribution to his career.

So here is “Usain Uncut”:

He starts with thanking the crowds in London:

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why did he stop his Farewell lap at 200m and 100m?

Will he take up another sport?

what will he do in athletics in the future?

What will Usain be doing at 50?

and so much more…

Meet the man who has set sprinting on fire for a decade …

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