Skinners are a sock thats a shoe and can improve many facets of your running:
* exercise and strengthen your feet
* improve natural running style – unencumbered by formal shoes
* improve proprioception – which is key to efficiency (and a potential life saver for the older aged)
* the above benefits also impact on injury reduction
* allow you to run on track, beach, grass, treadmill and even road

The outer is a rough surface on the base of the sock which provides grip and a limited amount of protection.

However a key and important facet is to buy to the foot size, not the normal shoe size (where we tend to have a thumb width extra) otherwise the ‘sock’ will tend to stretch and move potentially initiating a blister.

These skinners really make you feel like a runner, and ideal particularly for the young track runner who would normally consider barefoot. (also cheaper to buy for growing feet than shoes or spikes)

My introduction was through #you2canrun @you2canrun in Mumbai India, but they is information on FB @skinnersoriginal

Watch my review here.

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