Often we have favourite shoes that are about to be put into retirement, but are needed for a last long run or race.

Alternatively we need to continue an existing shoe while we gradually bring a new purchase into normal use.

One of the first things to ‘wear’ in any pair of shoes is the inner sole. In some cases, depending on the material used, this will flatten and lose all cushioning, particularly in the impact areas, within the first 50km of running.
While inspecting the inner is a great way to gain insight into how you run, and how you may improve your style, it is still better to have some cushioning and protection from the inner sole.

Here are two good options for replacement inners. The inners should reflect the purpose of the shoes: so more cushioning for the longer and slower training runs, but lightweight and specific protection pads for the shorter more intense or racing situations.

Watch the video here

The suppliers of the inners here are www.gel-genie.com Contact Levon 082 3356939 for your local supplier info@elektori.net

and @sofsolSA or Rebecca 0836578834

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